How is the job market for general dentists in the UK?

General dentistry is as highly regarded as a career option due to its stability, financial remuneration and positive job outlook. Here we will not at the job market for general dentists in the UK in more detail.

Financial outlook for the general dentists

Financial prospects for a career as a general dentist are above average. According to the UK Government National Career service the starting salary for a general dentist is approximately £30,000 a year. This compares to an average salary in the UK of £27,200 for 2016 according to the ONS annual average salary survey. Experienced general dentists can expect to earn between £38,000 and £83,000 per year. For highly experienced general dentist salary expectations are £100,000 plus per year.

Work conditions for general dentists

Work conditions for general dentists depend on whether you are working and are general practice or in a hospital. Hospital work typically requires working slightly longer hours and you may have to work night shifts. If you’re working in general practice then your hours will usually be a 9-to-5 Monday to Friday work week, however you may find that you also need to work on the weekends to accommodate patients.

Disadvantages to a general dentist career

One of the major challenges entering a career as a general dentist is the number of years of education required. In order to become general dentist you need to complete a five-year degree which is approved by the General Dental Council (GDC). If you have already completed a degree in biomedical, chemistry or biology with rate of 2:1 or higher then you can apply to complete a four year course degree. Overseas applicants pursuing a career as a dentist in United Kingdom will need to GDC overseas registration examination.

Future demand for general dentists

The future outlook for general dentists in the UK is positive. Educational and regulatory requirements limit the numbers of new dentists entering the job market. At the same time an ageing population means that the demand for general dentist services is expected to rise. People entering the general dentist job market and expect to earn an above average income for the foreseeable future.

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